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29 May 2014 @ 01:58 pm
The Hidden Law  
So... no, I'm not dead.  But I have been extremely busy.

Finished my diploma - got credit and therefore six months until I officially have my business degree!  Yeeha!

Still managing my little family business, still having fun but onward to uni next year with ... a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Physiology.  Not really in sync with a Business degree but the latter will always be useful.

And last, but not least - here is the fanfiction I've written.  HUNGER GAMES!  Cue love for Jennifer Lawrence.  lol.

The Hidden Law
AU; Johanna, Katniss
One, the martyr for a cause she didn't realise she created; the other, a victor who lived her life from one day to the next, not really caring if she reached tomorrow.

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